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Change 1st Person View

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Euki I tried the game out. I am intrigued by the concept of it. However the 1st person view makes me physically sick. If this is not a feature you guys plan to change I will have to not take part in this beautiful adventure.
Posted 8 months ago
Doug Sadly, we do not have the resources or money for anything other than first person camera view. While we do realize not everyone will be able to enjoy it this way, or be able to work with it this way, it is the best we can offer with what we have available. Sorry it is not working out for you.

EverJane Technical Support Staff
Posted 8 months ago
Euki This game is beautiful and unique. I am certain it would be able to raise capital to tweak it, with the right motivation. I honestly do not believe that this type of game will go far with first person view. That should be reserved for barbaric shooters. This game should have more of an RPG feel to it. I'm saddened that myself and others will miss out on this. However if anything changes in the future I would be happy to re-evaluate it. It has so much potential. Maybe take it to Shark Tank ;) I don't think anything like this exist to my knowledge.
Posted 8 months ago

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