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Re-enter at last logout point

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Dantes It can be somewhat inconvenient to always appear outside Mrs. Hatch's place, especially since "my house" is clear across town. Would it be possible to remember the coordinates at which a character logged out, and have them appear there the next time they log in?

I can understand that it might cause problems with getting stuck though, especially in Beta. I once fell off the Estate lawn into the void, and couldn't even use the Parlor button since I wasn't in the main Tyrehampton area (at least, I assume that's why it didn't work). But perhaps an option for a "hard location reset" somewhere would get around that – I'm guessing either by powering up the Parlor button to work from anywhere, or by including a "Prior Location" option on the Location Select screen alongside the Estate and Tyrehampton.
Posted 1 year ago
Doug At the moment we have limited time and resources so the Parlor button and 'entry into the game outside Ms. Hatch's' was decided. Once we have more resources and time we will look into what you have mentioned. Thank you for your feedback.
Posted 1 year ago

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