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Ability to Use PM in the Forums

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ManfredofOtranto Hello again,

It's me. I was just curious if there would ever be an ability to use PM in the forums, so that you could address something privately to one player and not have all of town hear it? I think it would be useful if a player wanted to get times for RP from another player, or if they wanted to discuss possible scenes. Thank you very much, as always.


Posted 11 months ago
Doug Localized chat is planned in the release scheduled for later today. Hopefully this will encourage RP that can be confined to those specifically targeted and not heard/shared by the entire town.
Posted 11 months ago
moonage Hi Rossetti,

In the interim before whispering is available, please come join us on Discord,

When you log in, ping Alice Copperfield on PM because we have stuff to discuss. :)
Posted 11 months ago

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