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IC/OOC Indicators in the Floaty Name

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ManfredofOtranto Is there any way that it would be possible to change the color of the character's name to indicate that he or she is out of character? I have noticed that I will login and be waiting for the game to load, and either be in AFK or in another window and people will come up to my character IC and try to interact. Further, there are people who are trying out the game and just trying to quest, who do not particularly wish to be bothered with IC interactions.

In another MMO that I play, which has a lot of RP (on my server, at least), IC was toggled on and off easily by the /rp on command. When people RP, the color of their name is white. When they are not RPing or do not wish to be bothered for RP, the color is yellow. I'm not by any means suggesting you do the same thing, but it would be very helpful for when someone is AFK or in the game for another reason, for something to indicate that, probably with the floaty name.
Posted 1 year ago
Doug Thank you for your input and it will be passed along. While I cannot guarantee when/or if, it will be implemented as you suggest I can say that it will be passed along.
Posted 1 year ago

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