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separate chat windows for IC and OOC

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moonage This topic came up under the "role playing suggestions" thread in the General Discussion forum, but I thought it was worth highlighting here. (I also thought that it had been suggested already, but when I reviewed the prior posts regarding chat readability, this idea was not specifically mentioned.)

Anyway, the group currently does a lot of switching back and forth between IC and OOC chat (sometimes to have friendly banter, sometimes to give some OOC context to a character's actions), and people have expressed that it is difficult to keep track of the IC conversation with all the OOC banter mixed in (even with (( )) to denominate OOC).

It would be nice to have two chat windows, one for RP and one for OOC chat, with a tab to switch between them, so that people can keep track of what has just been said IC and who still needs to reply. It would also make for a nicer "clean read" of the developing IC story, so those who go AFK for a few minutes can quickly catch up by scrolling back in the IC window when they return.
Posted 1 year ago
zadams Seconded.
Posted 1 year ago
Doug I will gladly pass this along to management. While I cannot give any guarantee as to when, or if, this will be put in I can say that I will pass this along.
Posted 1 year ago

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