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Private Zoning Ideas

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s4uc3m4n I understand that the game engine, Unity has some very difficult constraints you will have to work within. However, as the forums have no search feature I am not sure if this has ever been addressed but I am going to post it anyway. Is the intention to make Personal Spaces, such as the Townhouses+, Individual unique zones that are accessible by other players? Presumptively, as the quest system integration becomes deeper, there can be quests requiring you to visit one or more people. It seems like the obvious direction so I feel somewhat foolish for asking this, but I noticed that the changing room in Mrs. Hatch's parlor is merely a room nestled beneath the ground of the map (see my bug video for how I figured this out) and have concerns that integrating multiple different privacy options seems needless when you could just have private purchasable spaces that can be locked with specific parameters.
Posted 1 year ago
Doug While having private purchasable personal spaces is not possible atm due to time and resource allocation it may be possible in the future.

Thank you for your input
Posted 1 year ago

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