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Could it be possible for chat range to be limited?

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Penta First, please let me say that I love the "Ever, Jane" concept & Open Beta design. What follows isn't criticism but a sincere wish to suggest enhancement.

It may not be completely accurate but it does feel as if anything said in chat can be heard anywhere by anyone, no matter the distance. I'm constantly turning when I 'hear' a "Good day" being posted, only to see no one in sight! As a migrant from SL, I've become used to a chat range limit of 20m, although an intrusive 'shout' could be heard'sim-wide'. NB: I'm not suggesting a 'shout' function! In addition SL has a whisper function, which I think limits the range chat can be heard to 10m.

The absence of an intrusive private messaging system is no great loss to me with a couple of considerations. The first is practical and based on experience in SL, in RP sims that have an IC only (in chat) policy. It only takes a few people that are within 20m, such as when shopping, dancing or dining for local chat to become mayhem. For example, composing a post while referring to the previous post(s) to which you may wish to include a response, that scroll away out of sight as new posts are made by others in their own RP. The second is more of a personal view, e.g. I would prefer that what is said by me and my RP partner(s) be limited to those in the immediate vicinity. My suggestion for normal chat is 10m, or maybe 15m to allow eavesdroppers to collect collect some juicy gossip. For things intended to be kept private, a simple chat trigger such as /w (for whisper) might work by limiting range to only 5m.

Thanks for the opportunity to make suggestions.
Posted 1 year ago
Doug Your request has been made by others. We are investigating range limited chat and even some sort of /whisper to be in the game soon. While it really does seem like a simple request there are technical hurdles to overcome to implement these requests and there are time and resource limitations too. We are planning on adding these in the near future (no eta) and will announce this when done.

A /whisper would be a big plus for almost any rp'er playing.

Thank you for your reply and keep the suggestions coming

Posted 1 year ago
eltimbalino I love the idea of the whisper mode. As for distances, in the real world, I follow conversations within 5m or less and only whisper to people in less than one metre. Implementing /w to work at only one metre would have the visual advantage of being able to spot conspiritorial conversations from afar.

An eavesdropping mode? That would be fantastic. Like sit and stand, a character posture of facing the target and holding a hand behind the ear could increase /w ranger to three metres. So much fun to spot it. Even more fun to get away with it.
Posted 1 year ago
Moonage I third this request! It seems that there are already some affectionate couples forming in Tyrhampton, and while Miss Copperfield is delighted for them and wishes them every happiness, their inability to have private conversations away from the rest of the group is... distracting. ;)

If whisper mode or ranged chat is difficult from the dev side, perhaps a new smaller zone for private flirting, with its own chat?
Posted 1 year ago
Dantes I'm looking forward to limited chat range myself too. My first login with multiple people online, and there were about eight people in the parlour and a couple went off to have a private conversation... It makes it very difficult to keep track of what's being said by whom.
Posted 1 year ago
ManfredofOtranto I have been pondering this for some time, and was wondering if there couldn't be separate chat channels or methods of conveying, for instance, someone talking in normal tones, which would be limited in range to the room or space they are in. So maybe using a /speak command, or having a particular channel for that?

And I was thinking also of when people convey emotes, like, an action. Instead of putting ** around the action, could one maybe have the /me command? The text would show up differently and have a slightly wider range than the /speak command. And it would go something like this:"/me eats every biscuit in Tyrehampton." would show up as "Dante Rossetti eats every biscuit in Tyrehampton." And then it would be possible to add quotations in the text, if you wanted. For instance, "/me eats every biscuit in Tyrehampton, noting, 'How incredibly delicious!'" would show up as "Dante Rossetti eats every biscuit in Tyrehampton, noting, 'How incredibly delicious!'" You would have the choice between doing all your interactions that way as well as the speaking, or using the /speak channel to do the speaking.

And then maybe the /ooc chat channel would have a universal or nearly universal range? And a whisper might be denoted by /whisp? And ideally, the user would be able to toggle whether he or she wants these on or off, I would think.

I hope this is maybe helpful.
Posted 1 year ago
Doug We are working on localized chat and testing it as strenuously as we can and hope to have it released either this next patch update or the next one. Thank you all for your feedback and please continue.
Posted 1 year ago

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