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One clothing request that I hope is not impossible...

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TrueWizard1507 I really, really want a kilt for my Scottish character. If it is even possible to add in-game, I would be so happy! I wouldn't care how much it would cost in the marketplace, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

If you want any tartan ideas, you know where to find me... lol
Posted 2 months ago
Doug Now that IS a really great idea. Passing it along.
Posted 2 months ago
TrueWizard1507 I was thinking a little more about the kilt idea overnight.

I was thinking there could be a casual, everyday kilt to start off with, and a much more formal kilt for balls and special occasions (weddings etc...) added later in the game. The general image I have in my head is of my favourite Scottish kilt-wearing fictional character (lol), but it is good to bear in mind that the outfit styles are from the mid 18th century, and not the early 19th century when this game is based. It may be suitable to alter the style of the coat and undershirt, but honestly I love the outfits as they are. However, the kilt style does not change significantly over this 60-year period, so it can be used for reference if desired.

The same tartan could be used for the everyday outfit and the formal outfit, as one kilt can be worn in different ways. It wasn't common for someone to wear many different tartan colours, they would often stick to the one affiliated with their clan.

Everyday look:!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2014/08/06/029/n/1922283/d728f26828817fa6_Press_Kit_-_Jamie_Fraser_Sam_Heughan_2_/i/Behold-Jamie-all-his-finery.jpg

Formal look:

And please for the love of all that is holy..... don't add a beret. I detest them!

Hope this helps in some way, thanks!
Posted 2 months ago
Doug Feedback is always welcome, thanks.
Posted 2 months ago
dcassius I would also throw down real cash for a kilt in the shop.
Posted 2 months ago
TrueWizard1507 I don’t suppose there’s any chance of getting a kilt before the Christmas Ball?
Posted 1 month ago
Doug Not this year. Hopefully some time next year.
Posted 1 month ago

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