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Letter, invitation, and chat notifications

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byzantiumc If there could be a way to notify the recipient about a letter or invitation when it arrives - perhaps the "read letters" and "respond to invitations" buttons could be highlighted the way the "?" button is when we have a quest.
Also, a lot of us log into the world, enter the parlour and then minimize the window to surf or read while we wait for other players to join. Sometimes this takes over an hour, so we don't check back often, which means we're late to reply if someone does enter the parlour and begin chatting.
A small audio notification when someone enters a sentence into chat would help circumvent this problem. We can keep audio on while we have the EverJane window minimized, and then turn audio off when we're back actively RPing, so we're not constantly disturbed by the notification when someone enters a comment in chat.
Posted 2 months ago
Doug I will pass along the idea of having an audible 'ding' (so to speak) when something happens in game but as I am not a programmer I have no idea as to the difficulty or ease of implementing this.
Posted 2 months ago

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