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Housing types

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dagngayt The terraced houses and cottages are fine, but my main character is of slightly limited means (she has a respectable income, but doesn't want to spend too much of it on housing).

At some point, could we have sets of rooms to rent - one or two bedrooms, a drawing room and dining room in a house? The Georgian/Regency equivalent of a flat or apartment.

They might be favoured by both single gentlemen, and ladies who are either on their own or who don't want the hassles of running an entire house. It would also allow several people to have a place to live without building a lot of houses... (In fact, to be realistic, there could be at least one called something-or-other chambers, which is exclusively populated by single men.)
Posted 2 months ago
Doug Excellent housing ideas thank you very much.
Posted 2 months ago
byzantiumc Seconded. I'm having my characters rent with my MC anyway, because I don't want to buy more than one house and contribute to the housing crisis, but it'll be odd for my gentlemen characters to room with the ladies, so Dagna's idea is a great way to circu,vent that problem, and perhaps create more opportunities for RP in Oakston.
Posted 2 months ago

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