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dagngayt Anything about journals could go here, to make them easier to find.

Two things so far:
1: Could we, at some stage, be able to write in the journals? So that we can make notes such as 'Took possession of 13, Sniffpickle Alley today. Which is round the back of the church, past the oak tree, second on the right'. Or 'Next time I see Mr John Smith, tell him about what Miss Jones told Mrs Brown about him while I was in the church'. Things we want to record that don't fit into the notes on people, such as where our house is.
2: Would it be possible to add a 'front page', which would say something like 'The Journal of , resident at or
? Again - to help us remember where we live if we can't quite remember.
Posted 3 months ago
Doug Both suggestions are on the 'to do' list of what we would like to add. This 'to do' list is very long and while some items are quick and easy most are time consuming. I cannot say when these suggestions would be worked on but they are definitely on the 'to do' list.

Posted 3 months ago

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