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Movement and the Camera; Targeting and Clicking

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lepsylentil (These are my first suggestions so I've tried to keep them simple and doable, but I'm not a programmer and have no idea how difficult these would be to implement practically. I'm mostly going for things that would make general play go more smoothly.)

How easy/difficult would it be to change the movement so that A and D turn, while Q and E strafe? I've found the way the characters move somewhat unnatural, and it would also possibly ease up on some of the stresses of the very-quick mouse pointer.

Would it be possible to have an option for the camera rotate without your character also turning? Probably only 180 degrees in front of you, but just to make it easier to see who is where in a room without the avatar turning back and forth constantly. I understand that 3rd person is beyond the scope of the project, wasn't sure how hard or easy this would be.

(Quick addition that I love the differing movement mechanics for horse and carriage, even if they are a little tricky to master at first - driving being a little challenging is fun to me!)

(Second quick addition - I see that a request for an auto-walk button has already been made, and I will second that, particularly to save my shoulders when I'm going long distances exploring the world!)

For targeting and clicking, one thing I've noticed is that once you've targeted someone, the only way to remove them is to target someone or something else. Would it be possible to add an option where you could click away, or some other button that would make your target open again? Mostly in case of using items, but also for keeping the UI tidy.
Posted 3 months ago
We tried to use the default WASD keys for movement as they are the most familiar to people along with the arrow keys. It does take some getting used to when moving in game but we tried to spend our resources as best as possible.

Camera rotation as you suggested would be very difficult for us to implement due to time, $ and resources.

When you target someone their profile is in the upper right of the screen and in the upper most right is an x that can be selected to close the portrait.

Thanks for all the feedback.
Posted 3 months ago
lepsylentil Understood! Shall put any further thoughts up. Thanks for all the work you've done so far, I'm having a lot of fun. :D
Posted 3 months ago
dagngayt I am finding the movement controls the worst aspect of this. When walking, to turn around I have to use the mouse, but to move I use the arrow keys. I hate (not too strong a word) having to use both hands to move, or having to stop moving to turn. Would it be possible for the left and right arrows (or A and D keys) turned the character left or right, instead of being used to sidle sideways in a crab-like way? This is the way that carriage driving works, so could it be extended to walking as well, please?
Posted 2 months ago
Doug I will gladly pass this along to management.
Posted 2 months ago

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