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Change skin tone names

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b_hummingbird Hi, I noticed that in the Create Character window the skin tones you can choose have food names like “cocoa” and “caramel.” These (and “Arabesque”) need to be changed to non-racist terms in the next update. Some explanations why and suggestions for alternatives:
Posted 3 months ago
Doug I have passed this along to management. Thank you for your reply.
Posted 3 months ago
judy We chose the skin tone color adjective three years ago by pouring over lists of what are the most desirable and non-offensive choices when it comes to skin tone color adjectives. We took our names from the make-up industry.

Just like clothing, fashion in word usage changes. The terms that were considered desirable then are considered racist now. That is a circumstance WAY outside my control. I just want you to understand we made these choices very carefully to avoid offense.

This particular menu is asset driven which means that the names of the assets dictate the names you see in the menu. I will need to rename every texture and every material involved (and change the data for every character as well and we have over 5K of them). If I make that change I will only make it once.

Given that what was considered the correct adjectives three years ago are now considered racist, I have no confidence in the words in the current lists not becoming racist three years from now. It isn't the words themselves that are racist, it is how they are used. The words now on this list will continue to be used in racist ways replacing the words on the list we used. When used in racist ways, these words will also become associated with racism. I don't want to be having this same discussion 3 years from now.

So if we need to change the skin tone descriptions, and you seem to think we do, it will be to Skin Tone 1, Skin Tone 2, Skin Tone 3, etc. Please let me know if doing that would make us seem less "racist" than using the non-racist appropriate adjectives of three years ago which are now tainted?
Posted 3 months ago
lepsylentil I think Skin Tone 1, 2, etc, would generally be better, yes. I also noticed and winced a little at the choice of words, though I understand and can see that as appropriate terms change, it can be difficult to keep up. While I did give the benefit of the doubt, I can see that it might be off-putting for some new players.

Using a numerical list for what is a tricky topic seems like a good balance, and I can't imagine anyone would complain.
Posted 3 months ago

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