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Libraries of the Era; Request for an Attendant

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Grizella Campbell-Coffin Ever, Jane is set in an era before public libraries were in existence. The idea that you could walk into a town library, browse the shelves, and check out a book would have been foreign to people of the Georgian era. The libraries that were in existence operated on a subscription basis for profit-you would pay a fee for the year (usually about two guineas), and be able to check out a certain number of books at a time, sometimes for another small fee, especially for new, popular volumes. These libraries were closed-shelf, meaning that you would go to the desk, tell the attendant what volumes you wanted, and they would retrieve them for you-there was no idle browsing of open shelves. These libraries were, however, usually possessed of a reading room, where subscribers could read and socialize. It would often be stocked with magazines for the subscribers to read while they waited, and a few volumes to 'preview'.

The layout of the current library already kind of lends itself to this, with the well-furnished upstairs reading room and the shelves down below. All that's really needed, for accurate RP, is an attendant at a desk-ideally an NPC a la Mrs Hatch or Shepherd Brimley. I know I'm not the first to request this, and you're all working very hard on the next update, but I thought I'd make another request for the 'features list'.
Posted 7 months ago
Doug Thank you for the request. I will pass this along to management.

Posted 7 months ago

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