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EarthenForge There are at least a few of us who will happily throw more money to the marketplace to have access to more furniture - especially after seeing some gorgeous pieces at the estate. Pieces that I'm most interested in (and have heard others express interest in) include a sofa, side chairs, small side tables or a coffee table, and a pianoforte (there are a number of characters who play one). It would also be nice to see more colors options for similar pieces. It would be sweet to have a functional mirror. (I know there was a mirror originally and it has some problems.) Oh! And it would be so much nicer if there were books and knick knacks on the bookcases. It's weird to have a furnished room and still have it look unlived in because the shelves are empty. It does allow for pretending different uses for the shelves (like for kitchen items or whiskey bottles) but having the option to buy a filled shelf would be nice too.
Posted 10 months ago
Sarah I wasn't able to get more furniture into the Marketplace for today's mini-update, but I'll get these pieces with color options ready for the next update!

That mirror. Hurmph.

Knick knacks we're still hoping to be able to handle one way (being parented to an object so you can move them together easily) but if that looks like it's some ways out we'll consider at least some pre-filled shelves as the furniture movement system doesn't currently accommodate height adjustments.

Thank you! This is great feedback to have for what we need to prioritize adding right now for Marketplace.
Posted 10 months ago
sideoffries I would like to second the request for more furniture options /especially/ the pianoforte.

I would like to add a request for art but realize that hanging a picture on the wall may be a lot different than placing items on the floor. However when you do offer paintings, please offer more options than just Mr. Worthwaite staring down disapprovingly from above the feels like Big Brother is watching. :)

I would offer that smaller items indicating characters' endeavors they are working on such as an easel or a basket with embroidery would be welcome. There are a number of artists in the game and almost all of the ladies do needlepoint.

As part of the bookcase request and smaller items to place on their interim fix would be to have a bookcase with books which you have already mentioned, but a bookcase with wine bottles will sell out almost immediately. :) I would include both options or a bookcase with books and a nearly full wine rack for a wine collection.
Posted 10 months ago

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