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Request for the Cottages

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Grizella Campbell-Coffin I was wondering if perhaps in a future update you might reconfigure the cottages as you did the townhouses to give more usable space? It would be really nice if there was a basement added for the servants and the upstairs reconfigured.
Posted 10 months ago
Sarah Great feedback, thank you! For others who have been trying out the cottages: would you also like these changes?

I can't quite yet commit, but we started to discuss this and could potentially have cottage changes in for the next big update (Update 5.) Adding a basement I understand, and for reconfiguring the upstairs you mean re-partitioning the rooms and halls, correct? (Not adding another floor or a different change.)
Posted 10 months ago
Grizella Campbell-Coffin Yes, definitely just repartitioning the upstairs. Converting all of/most of the area for servants into area for the fine gentry owners. I wouldn't say no to a third story-but realize that would be a lot more work, probably.
Posted 10 months ago
EarthenForge Yes! These changes would be great. It seems like the cottages should have more usable spaces for their size.
Posted 10 months ago
Loua Yes the cottages would be great to update!

Having like a main bedchamber, one for kids/nursery, and guest rooms and stuff!

Would be great to have a basement for the servants quarters!
Posted 10 months ago
sideoffries I agree with the ideas for a basement and reconfiguring the upstairs for more livable space for the family. Plus, putting in a basement apparently creates a "moat" about one's house which will help keep undesirables out. :)

Posted 10 months ago
Sarah Ugh, that "moat" is me not thinking through a problem fully to how mad future me would be at current me for doing it that way. *shakes and lowers her head* I don't think it feels as good, but I suspect we'll need to do a "door" to basements (like the Dressing Room) to better account for terrain.
Posted 10 months ago
awolf I would also vote to reconfigure the cottages upstairs. In addition to allowing more space for the family, the references that I've found to servant quarters online indicate that they most often slept somewhere near the kitchen, or in the basement if there was one, and also in rooms in the attic.

I found this about Chawton Cottage, where Jane Austen lived from 1809 to 1817:
"This is a house meant for living –with about eight rooms, cellars for storage and attic space for servants – both the interior layout and the architecture emphasize this, and while it certainly was not a hovel, it was not the grand Georgian style house portrayed in many Austen novels. After Jane’s sister Cassandra died in 1845, the cottage was renovated into three separate units for farm workers."

Other sources:

But the cottages are so much more spacious then the terraced houses! Thanks for making these available!

Posted 10 months ago
Sarah I apologize, the re-configuring of the Cottage did not make it for this latest update. (In my last tests it was having too many unintentional consequences/issues and we didn't want to further delay this update.)
Posted 5 months ago

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