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No One Will Talk to Me!

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DaisyMay I have just joined and I got past the Grounds Keeper and see Dorothea Hatch but she won't respond to anything I say! I have also run across a shepherd but he won't respond either. I've been wandering around the town for over a half hour trying to figure out what to do.
Posted 11 months ago
Doug A few hints:

The magazine – the ? icon on the right side – should be used together with the quest stories you get from the Writing Desk in Ms. Hatch’s Parlor. You can page forward or backward in the Magazine by selecting the folded page part on the bottom left or right.

You should start every chat with a /shout as there is an issue with proximity chat and this way you can be heard.

For those new and old in town please check our Forums at under News Announcements for the most recent patch notes. Includes how to ignore someone, check who is in town and home ownership.

If you get stuck on a quest please go to our knowledge base and you will find walk throughs and helpful hints on all the quests and in game assistance.

And Welcome!

Posted 11 months ago
SideOfFries The regular players that are on the game are mostly using the game as a platform for creating their own stories and drama. I would suggest creating a character with a little backstory and joining in on the fun. A good place to hang out is Mrs. Hatch's parlor and a good time is in the evenings (Eastern/New York time) mostly on Friday - Sunday.
For help on the backstory, I would recommend reading the "rules" tab at the top of this page.
Posted 11 months ago

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