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Silas Turner's presence summons the dead

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EarthenForge So, weird bug that is making me laugh, but you might want to know about it!

For the past week or two, every time my character Silas Turner enters the world, it triggers the ghost outside of Mrs. Hatch's parlor. When I first realized he was triggering it, I tried clicking on the quest buttons in the related book to see if something was stuck, but that didn't do anything, and server reboots haven't changed it. Now that the quests are temporarily suspended, it's still happening.

If I want to change his outfit quickly (so everyone will see what I want him to be wearing that day), I have to log in and out three times. This is more of a universal bug and the fix we've figured out for it, but now with the ghost trigger, it means triggering the story three times and stacking three ghosts. (So I avoid the rapid log-in & out if I can.)

I don't mind overly much - it's genuinely funny - but it gets disruptive. Most folks ignore the ghost now, but not everyone.

Also, this bug is only attached to Silas. My other character Joshua Creasey does not trigger this. Perhaps his regular prayers keep such horrors at bay. :)
Posted 1 year ago
Doug I can attest to the fact that this ghostly bug is in no way related, or attached, to any character that may log in to the game. However, from an RP standpoint, there is now way I can refute such a claim.
Posted 1 year ago

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