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The ghostly lady

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Lizzy Woodhouse Every time I log into Ever, Jane, there seem to be less and less bugs, and that's great, but last time I logged in something quite odd happened, which was verging on creepy. There was a ghostly outline of a lady, hovering in mid air, looking in at Mrs. Hatch's window. She was transparent, but had a white glowing outline around her. The name above her said "Eleanor Tilney". She behaved just as any in-game character would, moving aside when I bumped into her, but other than that she just stood there, looking in the window, and said nothing. I wondered if this curious character was an intentional reference to Northanger Abbey, or if she was another player whose appearance hadn't loaded in properly? In any case, I had never seen her before and haven't seen her since, and I wondered if it was a bug?


Posted 1 year ago
Dantes It's a Halloween easter-egg. Spoooky! I haven't seen her yet, I am very disappointed.

Although when standing outside Mrs. Hatch's front door yesterday, I had a ghostly grey silhouette form in front of me... but it turned into a fully-rendered person entering the game. I thought I had seen a ghost for a second there!
Posted 1 year ago
Lizzy Woodhouse Hahaha I should have guessed! Although I'm not a huge fan of scary stuff, this one is a pretty fab easter egg, but I just thought I'd check if it was a bug, in case it wasn't intentional. Thanks for your help, Dantes!
Posted 1 year ago

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