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the lost handkerchief

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Naidre I can't seem to give the handkerchief to Dorthea. I've tried several times.
Posted 2 years ago
Sarah Good day, Naidre! I just tested the story myself to see if I encountered the same problem, but for me it appeared to work correctly. Let's see if you're following these steps:

1) After finding the handkerchief, click on the Inventory button. It's the "trunk" icon to the upper right of your cameo portrait, above Calendar and Task List.

2) Click on Mrs. Hatch. Then click on the "Purse" button in your inventory. After you click on "Handkerchief" you should see a button for "Give" immediately below the purse contents.

3) When you click on the "Give" button the story should complete and Mrs. Hatch will send you off on your next adventure to help the dear shepherd.

I hope this helps to get you through this story. Please try again and we'll solve it together if it's still being troublesome.
Posted 2 years ago
KateDH Sadly, I cannot even find the handkerchief. Where is it supposed to BE? Do I leave the house to find it? And.... where do I go then?
Posted 2 years ago
Annabel The handkerchief is supposed to be in one of - well, I'd better not say how many - several possible locations around the house, but I agree, it isn't always there. I find that if I log off and come back it sometimes reappears.
Posted 2 years ago
Sarah With today's latest game update, please give this Story another try. I will risk the anger of Annabel to tell you it will be somewhere in the first floor of the house. :) It will not be upstairs or outside. It has a bit of a sparkle so look for that when searching around. If anyone is still having problems locating it let us know and we'll go on a hunt with you.
Posted 1 year ago
Annabel Also, what Sarah didn't say, was that we actually found there was a minor problem, in that if someone else had already found the handkerchief that day, your character couldn't. That's now been fixed, so you should be able to find it more easily. I hope....

And I should add that when she says "first floor", she means in American terms - for those of us in the UK and elsewhere, it means the ground floor; you don't have to go up the stairs (although we hope you will explore the house very thoroughly, it's quite fun).
Posted 1 year ago Last updated 1 year ago

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