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Problems logging in

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TrueWizard1507 Has the server been rebooted recently? I type in my details to log in but when I press 'log in' nothing happens. Yet I could log in perfectly fine earlier?
Posted 3 months ago
Doug What OS are you using – Windows, MAC or Linux and do you know the version?

When you log in to play there is a screen where you select the 'Play' button. Above that 'Play' button is the option to select 'Windowed'. Please select it and you may have to play with the 'Screen Resolution' options too but first try the 'Windowed' option first. Please remember that our username and password are both case sensitive so make sure that is not the issue.


Posted 3 months ago
apandaplease Hi Doug,

I am having this same issue. I was playing, switched between the Estate and Treyhampton, and got booted from the game. Now when I try to start back up it is doing the same as TrueWizard said above. I am on a Mac, OS is 10.12.6. I tried doing the above suggestion of playing in windowed mode and it still does the same issue.
Posted 2 months ago
Doug We have built the MAC builds with the most recent MAC OS files. The problems we are seeing with the MAC builds is a networking issue between Unity software (our EverJane software platform) and the Apple MAC OS. Apple is aware that their software and Unity are having problems in the Game community and are working on a fix. has some articles on this for your reading but we are awaiting an official response from Apple. We are contacting the Apple MAC people to try and resolve this but in the meantime we do not have a resolution to this issue.

We do have a second MAC build with some tweeks in it so please try it and hopefully it will perform for you.
Posted 2 months ago

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