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The Elusive Miss Mercille Linden

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nonsenseandstuff I've been trying to get into the client this evening, after a hiatus, and I get a glitchy screen every time I enter. When I can finally see the chat box, it shows I'm Miss Mercille Linden. Not sure if this is affecting everyone or just me?
Posted 3 months ago
Doug Please send an email to
Posted 3 months ago
TrueWizard1507 I have just logged into the game on Mac for the first time, and I have had the same issue! Glitchy opening sequence and screen, Miss Linden etc... It looks like a previous version of the game, the date in the journal is January 2015. I've noticed that quite a few of the houses in Tyrehampton are vacant, which I know is definitely not the case in the most recent version of the game. And there's a 'Lady Hermea Brenton' here with me... on horseback?! I'll keep playing on Windows - not a problem - but to be honest I'm just really confused :O

FYI - I have just downloaded the game onto this computer. I downloaded the link named 'EJMAC_Aug_2bld', and will probably try the other download option for Mac in a minute as well

Posted 2 months ago
We have built the MAC builds with the most recent MAC OS files. The problems we are seeing with the MAC builds is a networking issue between Unity software (our EverJane software platform) and the Apple MAC OS. Apple is aware that their software and Unity are having problems in the Game community and are working on a fix. has some articles on this for your reading but we are awaiting an official response from Apple. We are contacting the Apple MAC people to try and resolve this but in the meantime we do not have a resolution to this issue.

We do have a second MAC build with some tweeks in it so please try it and hopefully it will perform for you.
Posted 2 months ago
TrueWizard1507 Wow that was a quick reply! I tried the other Mac download option but unfortunately that one hasn't worked either. I'm not bothered, I'll continue playing on Windows for now. Cheers anyway
Posted 2 months ago

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