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House ownership struges

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Posted 3 months ago
TrueWizard1507 So my attempt to write an initial thread failed!

After walking around in circles and reading the walkthrough on the other site (which was very helpful, btw), I have finally found a vacant house. It's not a terraced house per se, but it's a three-storey townhouse, I think (Magpie Lane in Oakston, to be precise). Now here's where the issue is... I can't claim it! The story mission has registered that I've found a vacant house, yet when I use my house certificate I am told 'you are not the owner of this house and you cannot change it'.

Please help!

Also: the house is definitely vacant, the nameplate outside is gold and when I click on the plate it tells me it is unoccupied - before anyone asks!
Posted 3 months ago
Doug Oakston is our test server and we know there are numerous issues there. You should be able to get that three-story house but if not check around for another empty house and try that one.

We are in the process of coming up with a way for removing home ownership in Tyrehampton if that owner does not log in after x number of days to free up homes in Tyrehampton.
Posted 3 months ago

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