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Observations made in a day at the village

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Holly Price * It has been found that sometimes when the inventory is opened to make sure we have all our belongings with us, closing the inventory cannot be done via simply clicking "x" but one has to choose an empty part of the inventory, then close the inventory itself, which will also shut the window previously stuck open (observed during flower quest)
* A very clumsy driver must have made the horses of their carriage jump the fence next to the church grounds and the horses and carriage remained stuck on top of the fence, with the poor animals treading air.
* More than once we have been unable to walk away from a place using WASD. In none of these cases was there any sensible reason why movement should be impaired. A restart of the game helped.
* The shepherd does not react to being adressed with the proper greeting and remains a rather silent fellow. As this does not affect the completion of the Bo Peep task, it's a rather minor issue.
* When I returned the sheep to the pen, it somehow appeared to be lying on its side as if I had tossed it there. Even though I (as Richard Westerley) am a stout fellow, I don't feel that I should be able to toss a sheep over a fence. Also, I saw a young lady do the exact same thing with another sheep and I believe that she was definitely much too delicate to be a world class sheep tosser.
Posted 3 months ago
Holly Price * When going down to the village in a carriage I was unable to steer the bloody thing so it would turn around the corner. I believe that either the carriage is a very rare model that needs improvement or the horses have a problem with turning in which case we should invest into horse-training. It cannot be accepted that a horse can only go straight ahead and refuses to turn.
* The handkerchief is still nowhere to be found, but I believe this is a known issue and somebody already set out on the quest to buy a new kerchief for the good Miss Hatch
* I don't know whether this is supoosed to be, but there's a sheep stuck in the bushes next to the entrance to Miss Hatch's house.
Posted 3 months ago
Doug We do know that at times even the sheep are fed up with what is happening and they get bored and fall over. Some sheep have wandered away and seem to find places to stop and make it their home.

Carriage driving is more of an art and does take a lot of getting used to. If you find a carriage in a very strange place you can always click on it and select to send it home.

We are aware that there are problems in EverJane and it will take time to polish what we have put together for our player community.
Posted 3 months ago

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