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Egad! Thieves! (Or maybe just a bug)

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awolf Tonight I logged in and went to my house only to find, with the exception of two rooms, that every last blessed piece of furniture was missing! The entry hall and the dining room still had everything, but other than that it appears that Miss Welby has been robbed! She nearly fainted!

I did "redecorate" last night by moving around some things and adding some new ones. But even in rooms where I made no changes everything is *poof* vanished. (again, somehow the dining room and the entry hall were spared).

I logged out, waited a bit, and then logged back in, but none of the missing furniture returned.

All the items are in my warehouse/inventory, so I can put them back, but I wanted to report it. Also, my chaise lounge and the Amelia bed are the yellow versions instead of the original color, but that happened when update 5 was released.

Posted 3 months ago
We are aware of missing furniture (some have reported Halloween ghosts taking and moving furniture) and of some items changing color. We want to assure people that all items in their inventory are still there just that items in some houses have disappeared or have been moved. We do hope to have this furniture issue resolved for the next patch (no eta).

We are very sorry for the furniture issues people are experiencing.
Posted 3 months ago

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