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Spawning as someone else's Character?

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ImaginationNeverDies So, I just tried to enter the world (specifically the Oakton map) as my character Ebba Pike, but when I spawned, my name box has me labeled as a different character? Instead of being named Miss Ebba Pike, my name is Miss Mercille Linden? (I have no character by that name, and Ebba is my only character) I don't know if I appeared to other players as Mercille Linden or as Ebba, as I couldn't find anyone else on the map. I immediately logged out and tried to log back in, but I again came back as Mercille Linden. I have logged out a second time and, after posting this, will try to go back in a third time after posting this. What could possible cause this kind of bug?

I have a screen shot if it's necessary to help with the problem. Also, I should note that when I spawned, my stats were basically empty - like, none of my qualities (happiness, duty, etc.) were chosen as positive or negative. Thank you.
Posted 3 months ago
eloisesophie I'm having the exact same issue with my avatar appearing with the same name Mercille Linden. I've tried logging in and multiple times and it still doesn't change to my avatar's name back to normal. Also I can't seem to put things into the chat, when I type them and press enter, nothing happens. I do use a MAC and I know there have been issues with the MAC build if that is indeed the problem.
Posted 3 months ago
ImaginationNeverDies The same thing is happening to me too with the chat thing. I have a PC though, using windows.
Posted 3 months ago
ImaginationNeverDies In an attempt to get around the bug, I tried throwing together a new character real quickly and spawning it, but I'm stuck on the character creation screen. I clicked 'enter world' and nothing has changed.
Posted 3 months ago
Doug If you have a problem and are not using a MAC please try the following:
When you log in to play there is a screen where you select the 'Play' button. Above that 'Play' button is the option to select 'Windowed'. Please select it and you may have to play with the 'Screen Resolution' options too but first try the 'Windowed' option first. If this does not work please send an email to



Posted 3 months ago
ImaginationNeverDies I have always played with game windowed out of my own personal preference, and was playing the game windowed when I started having problems. I will try to open the game again, and if it doesn't work I'll try emailing support. Thank you.
Posted 3 months ago
byzantiumc I have spawned as Mercille Linden a couple of times as well. It happened only after I started dual boxing, and only occurs when if I click on the same icon and sign in with a different account. i.e. If I'm already logged in from account A from the icon in my D drive, and then try to log in from account B by clicking the icon in my D drive again, I spawn as Mercille Linden. However, if I log in from Account A from D drive, and then from account B from E drive (as I should), then I won't spawn as Mercille Linden, but appear as the correct character.
This is what I've noticed. I don't dual box anymore (because it's really exhausting!) so I don't know if this is still the case, but I just thought I'd share my experience.
Posted 2 months ago

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