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Sheep, Ghosts, and Carriages oh my!

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calela7 Hello everyone!

My friend and I joined recently and we have found a few bugs while playing this lovely game.

1.) My friend was going through the handkerchief quest with no problem, but while she on the Bo Peep one, she could not get the sheep to separate from her no matter what she did. The story said that it was completed, but the sheep still stuck to her. We got in the carriage, hoping that would fix it, but when she got off the sheep found her again and followed her into Mrs. Hutch’s house where it proceeded to get stuck in the wall in one of the rooms. She finally managed to separate from the sheep when she quit the game, then logged back on, but the sheep was still stuck in the wall.

2.) We discovered that if there are at least two people in a carriage, if one (either passenger or driver) of the two clicks on the “Horse” button while the carriage is in motion they will exit the carriage, and whoever is left behind will be stuck in midair while the carriage has disappeared underneath them (We tested this a few times just to make sure it wasn’t a one-time thing). The one stuck in midair can teleport back to the Parlor, but they will be unable to move.

3.) My friend somehow managed to join the Ghost Story, even though I know it’s supposed to be a seasonal quest, and a ghost showed up outside the window (shocked me quite a bit). When we tried to interact with the ghost, she fell from her position and so far as stayed in front of Mrs. Hutch’s house. My friend cannot get the rest of the quest to finish.

I have screenshots, but I'm unsure how to link them. I find out how, I'll respond to this post with them.
Posted 7 months ago
Doug Thank you for your feedback and yes we are aware that there are some issues (bugs) with some of the quests and the environment. The Ghost Story is regional and will be removed soon (no eta) and while we cannot give an eta on when all the bugs will be resolved we do appreciate player feedback when they find something amiss, even if we are aware of it.

Thank you
Posted 7 months ago

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