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Accessibility of font

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auntsarentgents (I've tried to find an email address to report this to, but this forum seems to be the only way to do so?)

I've just registered for the game as I find the concept really interesting, however I am finding the game unplayable as the font is very hard for me to read both in size and style.

In terms of spec, I am playing on a Windows 7 machine on 1920x1080 screen, on the exquisit setting, and have unchecked the "Window" box. I'm happy to provide screenshots if wanted.

Are there any plans for players to be able to switch the font to a sans-serif option? This is a pretty fundermental option, as you are potentially excluding players with learning difficulties by not offering it.

Posted 1 year ago
Doug I have mine set to 1280/768 at Fantastic with the check for Windowed as my eyes are not the best and this works for me on my Windows 7 PC. Of course each persons settings are almost always a bit different depending on their play style, system performance and vision requirements.

You can always send an email to along with a screen shot so we can discuss this in more detail.

Thank you

Posted 1 year ago
jlt Yes, we are working on making the UI more usable including many font changes. I just have to let go of my love for curly cues. Right now we are still working on flow and window sizing for readability and will do a final pass to ensure everything is readable. Expect a few changes over the months as we improve our entire user experience.

But please feel free to forward suggestions or particularly areas that are more problematic to us.
Posted 1 year ago

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