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Home Ownership: Summary of the "Temporary Housing Order" Post

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Sarah Hello everyone! Awaiting the start of official ways to claim homes in game, our community has been posting their claims to certain homes in this Post Office forum thread: (link). With Update 3 for Open Beta we are starting Home Ownership with the "terraced houses" in Tyrehampton. (This house type has the small, fenced front garden.)

As you will be able to officially claim a terraced home in this update we ask that you please try to give this list a quick check before selecting your home. There are many homes of this type in Tyrehampton and we hope you find one that suits you. More details on Home Ownership will be posted after Update 3 is available.

(As of 12/8/2016)
5 Church Street - Dr. Arthur Cunningham
29 Church Street - Wolfgang And Bruna Schulz
31 Church Street - Mr. Stevens & Mr. Stonebrim

1 Low Street - Mr. Andrew Wilson
3 Low Street - Mrs Mary Fairfax
18 Low Street - Miss Amandla Williams and Miss Alice Copperfield, with their housekeeper Mrs. Spencer
22 Low Street - Mr. Reginald Blakemoor and son (with Captain Aldridge as guest)
24 Low Street - Miss Emmeline Barclay
28 Low Street - Mr. Earnest Elmsworth and his sister Cecelia
30 Low Street - Col. Richardson is hosting his nephew Lt Osmond, servants John and Mrs Cartwright
32 Low Street - Alexander Stanton
44 Low Street - Nadine and Zedidiah Adams
48 Low Street - The Gesellschaft der Begierde

2 Mill Lane - Zedidiah Adams (Outdated, now that he is residing with his lovely new wife?)
6 Mill Lane - Mr. Arthur Rowley
18 Mill Lane - Mr. George Byrd

1 Apple Tree Circle - Mr. and Mrs. Drake
3 Apple Tree Circle - Miss Jen Barber, her sister Mrs. Jan Loxley and their maid Molly Watkins

5 Apple Tree Lane - Mr Absalon Hexum

2 Moss Road - Miss Underwood
4 Moss Road - Miss Beatrix Honeyfield

5 Vicarage Lane - Mr. Williams

This Knowledge Base article with a village map has also been updated with street names.
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xMayberry This is very sweet! Thank you!

I will say Nadine and Zedidiah Adams are to remain at 44low street for the foreseeable future. Atticus will probably find another place to live. Likely a roommate. He doesn't need to have any claim on 44 low.

Posted 1 year ago
Doug The addresses listed above have been 'RP assigned' by the users and it seems to be working very well for our community. We do ask that if, for some reason, a conflict occurs, it may have been accidental and we ask that the two parties do their best to come to an agreement as no houses are being reserved.

We have added a /unown command - it will release the house back to the unowned status for anyone with a house certificate to take ownership of. PLEASE USE /unown WITH CAUTION - once you use the /unown command from inside your owned house you will not be able to rerun the House Certificate quest until the servers are rebooted - they are rebooted once per day, usually in the early AM, US MST. This means you cannot have the opportunity to own a house until after the servers are rebooted.

Please read the Patch Notes for Update 3 once they are posted.
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moonage Miss Kingsley is now Mrs. Drake and is living at 1 Apple Tree Circle with Mr. Drake. Miss Copperfield then moved in with Miss Williams at 18 Low Street, and their housekeeper is Mrs. Spencer. So 4 Mill Lane is now empty and available.
Posted 1 year ago
s4uc3m4n Is there a way to find out who bought a property. I suddenly have new neighbors and I think I know whom they are, but they seem to wish to remain secret.
Posted 1 year ago
Sarah Yes! If you click on the address plaque outside of the door it will display the name of the character who currently owns the property in your chat window, along with the address. (Only for terraced homes at this time)
Posted 1 year ago
Eversley I just found an unowned home, and in the Task List it says "Use the certificate", but I am so lost! I don't know where it went.. I don't really know how to move forward. Any help is welcome. Thanks! ♥
Posted 1 year ago
Doug If you started the story to own a house and you picked up the certificate from the writing desk it should be in your inventory. Click on the trunk icon and click on the certificate and then use it inside the house that you want to own. If you get stuck on a quest please go to our knowledge base and you will find walk throughs and helpful hints on all the quests and in game assistance.

Good luck

Posted 1 year ago
Hugh Washington Mr. Hugh Washington is interested in moving into 1 Vicarage Lane. Is that lane only for cleric/ wealtheir of the wealth class?
Posted 1 year ago

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