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EzzyRox Wow... I have been waiting for open beta for months to check out the game and am absolutely appalled by the quality. This is not at beta stage. Alpha yes, beta no. Dev's get your act together and get the tutorials and first quests ironed out so you keep players wanting to play.

Posted 1 year ago
Xiphias At this point, we've got a community of players who are using it to create our own stories, and using the setting and tools to be a free-form roleplay. There is enough in here as a beta to allow a group of people to interact, and that, I presume, gives the devs a good amount of data on the user interface.

If you showed up when nobody else was around, though, yeah, it would be pretty empty and dull. It's definitely at a "we make our own fun" stage.

That said: I hope you poke your head back in at some point when some of us are playing, and see how you like it then. True, right now, it's a framework on which we're hanging our own stories, rather than being at a point where the devs are creating stories for us. But there's enough there so far to allow that.
Posted 1 year ago
jlt If you are used to AAA Open Betas you are correct. In AAA, Open Beta happens after you have found all the bugs you can find. However, we are a small team with an even smaller budget.

Therefore, this open beta has different goals. The primary purpose of the Open Beta is to show our MVP to investors. We have built as much of the game as we can on the budget we had, it is viable in that people are enjoying it, we seldom have an empty world, and people are immersed in their role play stories. We also have some sales in the marketplace.

Our secondary purpose for Open Beta is to scale the game. With a core team of five, even with everyone running three clients at a time, we can only have 15 players in the world at once. That is insufficient for scaling up to 1000 players per server. We need players in the world so we can finish the world.

Fortunately, enough people seem to understand this and are enjoying what we have built enough that they wish to continue participating. I think many may also feel the advantage of being early adopters because their voices will have a stronger influence as we continue to develop the game, adding their suggested stories, and modifying game play based on their feedback.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of Open Beta, but players will have to decide what is important to them. If final polish is important to you, then chances are you won't enjoy mastering the art of bouncing carriages into second story bedrooms. But you also won't have to /shout because /say is broken until the servers restart.
Posted 1 year ago

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