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KatyJadie I just created an account, and I think I'm doing the tutorial. I'm stuck on the bit when it tells you so press the minus to sacrifice a trait. I've done this but nothing seems to happen and I can't seem to move on with this.
Love the idea for the game though and am excited to play more!
Posted 1 year ago
Dantes The Traits aren't fully functional yet, so changing the sliders won't do anything anyway. I can't remember how to move on from this step specifically, but you can just click the (?) button to make the magazine go away.

At the moment the tutorials and Story quests have a lot of bugs and don't work all that well, although there's a new patch due tomorrow so hopefully some of the rough areas will be smoothed out.

Currently, people are largely ignoring the tutorial and story stuff, and just engaging in freeform RP. Work out some sort of character background, talk to people politely, and start joining in all the romance and intrigue that's going on!
Posted 1 year ago
Doug The trait scoring system interface is in (very obvious) but we have yet to complete the actual scoring system mechanics and math behind the scenes. Implementation is planned for a future update but we do not yet have an eta. (Yes many things are planned for a future update and not fully functional yet but with limited resources and time we are doing the best we can, thank you all for being so understanding).
Posted 1 year ago

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