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System requirements?

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awolf I'm sorry if this is on the website somewhere, I swear I looked!
I haven't played for awhile but today I downloaded the closed beta client and logged in. The game froze after a few minutes, I closed it then tried again. It froze again, so this time I deleted the extracted files and then re-extracted them. It ran a bit better, until I got to Mrs. Hatch's house. Then it froze up. I'm wondering if it is my computer, which is still running Vista. (I know, I'm quite embarrassed about it.) What are the system requirements for the beta? The alpha ran fine.
Thank you!
Posted 1 year ago
Doug Amy:

Sorry to hear you are having problems. VISTA is a very old OS and we can only test back to Windows 7 and not as far back as VISTA and cannot guarantee our client will work on VISTA. However, if you can send us your output_log.txt file in the ejclient_data directory we can look at it and see if there is anything we can recommend. If you decide to send us this text file please send it to my email address of and we can look at it then.

Thank you

Doug Murray
Posted 1 year ago
Vera_Kat I'm having similar problems but I'm trying to play on a MacBook Pro currently macOS Sierra 10.12. I can log in, choose my character but not much more. At one point I got as far as Mrs. Hatch's house and I can move around there but I can't interact with people or objects. It does not show any options or anything for that matter. Is this a Mac issue in general or is it just the Sierra update?

It might be good to have a Mac bug thread because issues like turning around (does not work on a Mac trackpad by pressing down right and moving mouse) can be solved quite easily (two finger gesture). If there is already one - I'm sorry.
Thank you in advance!
Posted 1 year ago

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