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New Player on a Mac

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AestheticallyPleased I was able to launch the game, but not can't for the life of me figure out how to turn and view the world around me. I've tried "control click and drag" which is the normal right click Mac option. Any ideas?

I'm really excited to play!
Posted 1 year ago
Sarah Good day to you! This is a tricky one! I've been asking the team and so far all of our Mac users have 2+ button mice so we can't directly test your situation. It's likely not the most ideal solution, but changing the Input key might at least give you a good alternative. When you first start the game the window with the "Play!" button has two tabs: Graphics and Input. Click on the Input tab. Hopefully this window will show you the Secondary key to try. Otherwise see if you can change the settings using those other Mouse buttons.

Please give us an update after you've had a chance to try looking at these Input settings. We're excited for you to get in the game too, so let's get this solved!

If any of our kind Community who play on a Mac have another suggestion please do say.
Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago
Kaloethes I'd be interested in an answer too (as I have a trackpad and don't want to get out my tablet just to play).
Posted 1 year ago
Sarah A few of our players have pointed out there are ways to enable a "simulated right click" in the corner of the trackpad using system settings. I'll make a new Knowledge Base article with the steps but, if possible, I'd appreciate it if someone could test this out and see if it feels workable.

Searching in any search engine for "enable right click on a Mac trackpad" brings up quite a few results. If anyone would like to try this but is having trouble finding good instructions please let me know.
Posted 1 year ago
Georgina Kincaid It took some practice, but clicking the lower right corner of my trackpad seems to do the trick. I generally click and hold with one finger and scroll/move with another. As Sarah said, accessing the system setting for the trackpad will enable you to add a "right click" with several options depending on what you find most comfortable. You can access this panel through the apple icon in the top left corner of your screen. Apple>System Preferences>Trackpad>Point and Click>Secondary click [Check the box to enable]>pull down arrow tab for click preferences. Hope this helps!
Posted 1 year ago
Rochester Yes, this was confusing for me as well, it would be better if the two-finger simulated right click worked, in my opinion, as there are inconvenient circumstances within the game for clicking and beginning the turning motion with your fingers in the lower right of the trackpad (I.E. turning right ) as your fingers are already at the trackpad extent.
Posted 1 year ago
Vera_Kat I guess it depends on your trackpad configuration but for me the two-finger simulated right click works and it's quite easy turning around. I just use one finger to turn around and one is stationary but don't press down on the trackpad (with my configurations it's the same movement as scrolling down).
Yet for me there are other issues. I can't figure out why but there are certain objects that constantly freeze (I.E. the notebook on the table in the tutorial) also the tutorial does not guide me in any way. Do any of you Mac Players face same obstacles? Is this something Mac related in general or specifically my problem?
Posted 11 months ago

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