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dagngayt I have found a few 'niggles - things that don't seem quite right, so this thread is to collect them. If anyone disagrees or has another view, or anything to add, please join in.

Also - since this is a beta, I realise that some of these things are quite possibly in the pipeline, or that the current incarnation is a placeholder for the future.

In the church, it looks like the louvres in the bell tower slope down. They should slope up (to send the sound of the bells up and over the parish).

Also on the church - the tower and steeple seem to be at the wrong end. They are normally at the west end, by the main entrance, although some very large churches and cathedrals have them in the centre.

I am not sure where the vicar lives - the vicarage is usually right by the church, and would be a fairly substantial house.

The village has no inn. Nowhere for gentlemen to go drinking, or for short term visitors to stay for a few nights. It would also be a place to go to rent a carriage or horse.

The estate has a carriage house, but no stables (which would be one or more enclosed square yards, with the stables opening out into the yard).
Posted 2 months ago
Doug Thank you
Posted 2 months ago
kendrafortune Oh yes an inn would be great!
Posted 2 months ago

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