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Status of other players?

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awolf As we are to choose between nod, bow/curtsy, or deep bow/curtsy depending on the other players' status (and this will impact our own scores) -- how do we know what their status is? Is it based on the personality traits - the bar that indicates status? But we can't see what the other player's bar is currently at. How can we keep our own scores from going down if we guess wrong? The only person I am relatively sure is lower status than my character is Shepherd Brimley. (And even that is just a guess, for all I know he is a nobleman who went crazy and _thinks_ he is a shepherd.)

Overall I love how the game is coming along. You guys are doing great work!
Posted 10 months ago
jlt The status of players is not yet implemented in a meaningful way for nod/bow/deep-bow. The original design called for fashion as the defining attribute but we may not have sufficient new fashion coming out so I'm now considering the use of titles. We will let you know when we finalize this and hook it up. For now, you will not get dinged if you nod at the queen instead of deep bowing.
Posted 10 months ago
awolf I had a thought tonight about this. Just a suggestion but what if the portraits of the characters (in the upper right of the screen when we select someone) were to have some special feature/look that would indicate their status? Maybe the frame around the picture or their name could be gold for higher status players, silver for the middle, and plain wood for those who are lower down the social scale?

Like I said, just a thought. I'm really enjoying the game, thank you for bringing it to life.
Posted 9 months ago
devionte is this game only from a first person perspective?
Posted 8 months ago
Doug Due to resource limitations and financial limitations we are only able to offer first person perspective.
Posted 8 months ago
Lady Jupeck I agree with awolf... but offer a twist to his suggestion. Even though we are to pretend we do not know the persons name that hangs above the player... What if it was possibly to use that to indicate their status? Maybe the color of their name could be gold for higher status players, red for the middle, and black for those who are lower down the social scale? If not colored the now about solid for higher status players, flashing for the middle, and scrolling for those who are lower down the social scale? Just saying...
Posted 8 months ago

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