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Stuck at Mrs. Hatch

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eragram Hi

I'm playing on Mac and I can go up to character creation and the first step of the tutorial: packing. However, when I reach Mrs.Hatch's no tutorial options show up and I cannot interact with any objects or characters.

I've tried several times: opening and closing the game to the same issue. FWIW the name at the top of my character's chat box is Mercille Linden and not my chosen character name.

All help is greatly appreciated!

Posted 10 months ago
Sarah Unfortunately, we're encountering a problem with the game that seemed to start happening to our Mac players around MacOS Sierra 10.12.3. We're still working to determine what's going on with the networking different in that update and how to accommodate. But, again unfortunately, I don't have a fix or a workaround for anyone using the updated OS quite yet.
Posted 10 months ago

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