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Baleigh Lord and Lady Fillintheblank request the attendance of all their friends in Tyrehampton and Oakston at the Ball at their Estate on Sunday 28th of January current, at 3'o clock pm ((EST)).

January, 18XX

I hope this time will work well for everyone, and that people can show up to it. A few notes, the ball will most likely last around three hours, although people are allowed to stay or leave as they choose. Also, there are ballgowns for 10 pounds in the marketplace so if your character doesn't have a ballgown those are a good option.
Also, just so I have an idea please let me know if you plan on coming, I would just like to have a general idea. I really think that this will give people a chance to meet new people in the game. If you have any suggestions or tips for how the last ball went please put those down as well.
Posted 1 week ago
kendrafortune I hope to be there with one of the lads.
Posted 1 week ago
Llaryloo I should be able to make it!
Posted 1 week ago
TrueWizard1507 I'll be there, definitely!
Posted 1 week ago
Nylar I'll definitely be there!
Posted 1 week ago
Baleigh Hey, everyone my Wesley house group is “basically forcing” having us go to a church service on the 28th. I should be back in time for the Ball but I might be a bit late. Hopefully not more than half an hour though. So, could someone volunteer to be there by 3pm EST to greet people and help then get settled in? I should be back in time but I’m not 100 percent sure.
Posted 1 week ago
sophiaunderwood I'll still be on vacation. Catch y'all in February perhaps.
Posted 6 days ago
Nylar Since the 28th is a Sunday I can definitely try to be on to greet people and help them get settled, I'm sure it isn't as hard as my anxiety thinks it is!
Posted 5 days ago
Baleigh Nylar, thank you so much! I was told we'd be getting back right at 2, so depending on how true that is, and how long it takes me to get my client up and running will determine when I actually get there. I mostly just need someone there to make introductions through Lord Fillintheblank and to make sure that new people know what to do, basically.
Posted 5 days ago
Nylar No worries, I'm happy to help! Alarms and reminders set on my phone. I'm really looking forward to it. See you all there!
Posted 3 days ago

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