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To Aunt Agnes From Her Niece Bay James

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Baleigh Dear Aunt,
I am sorry that I have not written you sooner and I really have no excuses to make. I have found myself in the village of Oakston which is not far from Tyrehampton where Mrs. Hatch lives. I was glad to find your old friend both friendly and motherly to me during my arrival here. I am enjoying the town well enough, but feel that I might not be welcome here. It is hard to find companionship when everyone else seems so close and oftentimes feels like I've walked in on the middle of a novel. Still, I have the highest hopes that my stay here will turn well and that I will come to know many new people in time. I have already met quite a few, and they're all interesting, to say the least. I will write you again soon but know that I am well.
Bay James
Posted 2 weeks ago
HGrey ((we haven't even had a duel yet! we'll have to make an effort to really up the drama))
Posted 2 weeks ago
kendrafortune ((It got close yesterday. But Dan is more of a bar room brawler than a pistols at dawn guy))
Posted 2 weeks ago
Baleigh (haha, I'm mad I missed meeting Captain Fortune in game!)
Posted 2 weeks ago
Baleigh Dear Bay James,
I was glad to receive your letter and hope that you are settling into your home nicely. I am well, other than a sharp pain in my chest every now and again. I recently hired a live-in nurse who has been helping me. I hope to hear from you soon.
Aunt Agnes.
Posted 2 weeks ago
kendrafortune ((I'm sure you'll meet him very soon. For a ship's captain he spends a lot of time on land, nowhere near the sea...))
Posted 2 weeks ago

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