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To Jamie from Kendra

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kendrafortune Dear Jamie,

I hope my letter to you is not unwelcome. I feel terrible for how I have treated you over the past few days and I wish to apologise. I have had a lot to think about. Something has happened now which makes me realise that I cannot keep feeling sorry for myself. I need to be strong for my sister.

To that end, if you wish to see me to talk, I will meet with you and I will not run away. But I understand also if you do not wish to see me again after I was so cruel.

Yours, as always,
Posted 2 weeks ago
TrueWizard1507 Kendra,

I will admit I was reluctant to open your letter when I first received it. Part of me wanted to throw it into the fire. No doubt you can understand why.

I am willing to see you, but I fear I will have very little to say at this point. I am, quite frankly, at a loss. You will probably find me in the parlour at some point this week, if you wish to talk like your letter suggests. An honest explanation would be nice, if you are even capable of that anymore.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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