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To Miss Theodora Mabry from Daphne Welby

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awolf Tryehampton
December 2_, 18___

Dear Ms. Mabry,
I pen this letter after hearing of the remarkable adventure concerning a necklace that Miss Mabry and Mr. Mabry shared with my sister. It would please us both greatly if you all would join us for dinner on this coming Wednesday, at six o’clock. I fear we keep country hours and hope you will not think the less of us for it! Hester informs me that she promised your brother and sister only a simple, informal meal but have no fear, I shall ensure there is a variety of dishes from which to chuse, though perhaps not so many as you were recently able to enjoy in London.
If that evening is not convenient for you please do name one that would be better; as you know our small acquaintance in Tyrehampton means we expect to be at home most evenings.
Your affectionate friend,
Daphne Welby
Posted 1 month ago

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