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Miss Hampton responds to Miss Fortune

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HeHa ((the letters in game aren't playing nicely with me today))

Dear Miss Clarissa Fortune,
Posted 1 month ago
HeHa ((tab gets me again))

I am so grateful to hear from you, but sorry it must be under these circumstances. I am not certain I will be of great assistance to you, having only been acquainted with your family since the winter, but if I can help in even a small way I will. When I spoke with Captain Fortune just the other day, he also expressed concern for Lady Fortune. You say you fear your sister is acting oddly - what exactly have you witnessed that is out of character? Perhaps with that context I can offer particulars.

Miss Miriam Hampton
Posted 1 month ago
kendrafortune Dear Miss Hampton,

I thank you for your swift response to my letter. Indeed, it is not that her behaviour is out of character, perhaps quite the reverse. However, my brother Captain Fortune has now discovered the cause and believes he may have resolved the matter. I must admit his methods are not those that I would have selected myself, but I cannot wholly condemn him for taking care to protect our family's reputation.

Yours sincerely,
Miss Clarissa Fortune
Posted 1 month ago
HeHa Dear Miss Fortune,

Brothers have a knack for approaching a situation head on. Captain Fortune, I have no doubt, acted in a way he deemed appropriate and necessary. I am certain your family's reputation remains unchanged.

I hope very much to see you in person soon.

Warm regards,
Miss Miriam Hampton
Posted 1 month ago

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