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Miss Emilia Bexley to Mrs. Alice Foxx

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Mgumbalz My dear Alice,

While it has been a long time, I again find myself writing to you to profess myself a most awful friend. To leave Tyrehampton without giving you the slightest indication of my whereabouts was wrong, regardless of the terms on which we parted.

Eliza and I are coming back to Tyrehampton, Alice! I shall be close by the time you receive this, and I beg you to let us put what has past behind us and join hands in friendship again. I am far too much of a hurry to explain more, as I must get this letter to the post chaise before I depart. All pepper will be set aside if you would take tea with me again so that I can tell all.

Yours in friendship,

Posted 6 months ago
moonage ((The letter is formally scripted with precise handwriting.))

Dear Emilia,

Your letter, while welcome, took me much by surprise, and I set it aside for a time to ponder its contents and to compose a proper reply. Unfortunately, in the interim, we have received some terrible news that I hardly know how to put down in writing, so I must start by apologizing that this letter is so long delayed and so half-heartedly written.

I am anxious to see you and learn of all that has transpired, which had you exiting Tyrehampton suddenly without a word, and returning months later, with the addition of a sister and the subtraction of a French uncle. There is much that I must tell you as well, starting with the fact that my little niece Rosemary Adams is staying with us for a time. Perhaps you and Eliza would call on us and the girls can make each other's acquaintance?

Alice Foxx

((Written in a messier scrawl underneath the signature line is just one sentence: "I have missed you so much." This portion of the paper is slightly wrinkled and the ink blotted as if with water or tears.))
Posted 6 months ago

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