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Miss Nott to Miss Hughes on the former's departure from Tyrehampton

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Fiona *A neatly addressed envelope is delivered to the current residence of Miss Ariadne Hughes.*

Miss Hughes,

Aria, I hope you will not think it presumptuous of me to have found out your address and written to you.

I have nothing of true import to say, only that I and my sister are called home for some time to be with our family. I wish to assure you that no emergency has occurred to necessitate this, simply the desire of a family to be together. I am only sorry that we are to leave so quickly and I have had no chance to say goodbye in person.

I am overjoyed that I will soon see my parents and my little (or not so little anymore) Thomas again, and even our beloved house, and yet I find myself sorry to be leaving Tyrehampton: in no small part because of you, my friend. You have helped me through some difficult decisions and times and I truly wish I could do more to thank you.

As it is, the sheet music I have included is one of my favorite songs put down, with some assistance from the music teacher at dear Mrs. Hatch’s. Perhaps you already have the song, and no doubt it is too simple for a talent such as yourself, but I will remember you always as you appear in front of the piano, lit by your heavenly gift--which I truly believe your music is.

I have included my address and would be eager to hear from you if you ever have the time and inclination to write with news of Tyrehampton and of yourself.

Affectionately, your friend,
Christianna Nott
Posted 8 months ago

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