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A Special Flyer Sent Out By The Tyrehampton Gazette

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TyrehamptonGazette Editors Note:

To our loyal readers, we made a grievance mistake and an important announcement was left out of our recent addition. This announcement should have been listed under our society pages.

Our deepest apologies to the Sokolov family.


Announcing the upcoming 10th Annual Oakston Archery Tournament, to be held at the Sokolov manor in Oakston. It shall be held on ((Date to be Decided)) and all may attend to observe or compete. All proceeds shall be donated to the Society for Lost and Poor Orphans in London as well as all local Tyrehampton and Oakston charities.

There shall be a grand dinner to follow, hosted by Mr and Mrs Dmitry Sokolov, who shall be honoring as their guests, Alexander Stanton as a member of the grand Oakston Stantons and Tatiana Sokolov whom shall be competing in the tournament for the first time upon the eve of her seventeenth birthday.
Posted 8 months ago

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