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TyrehamptonGazette ***HEADLINING NEWS***

We are proud to announce that we have received a special written work by Mr. Aaron Dodge. The first chapter of his work is published in this edition of the Gazette with more chapters to be printed in future editions. We hope you enjoy it!


Mr. Charles Sinclair was discovered frozen to death outside of the village of Tyrehampton in County Derbyshire. His body was discovered by a local resident who reported it to the constable. It was several days before someone stepped forward and was able to identify the body, and a letter was finally dispatched to his father, Sir Alexander Sinclair, Bt. of London and Ipswich.

A family member made the trek to Tyrehampton and has confirmed by post to Sir Alexander that it is indeed the heir to the title of Baronet and property worth over 7,000 per annum who was found frozen to death by the recent, unexpected blizzard. The letter to Sir Alexander also revealed some disturbing news. Apparently, the body of his son was damaged and the incident has cast doubts in the Baronet's mind as to the professionalism of the local undertaker.

The new heir apparent to the title and property is a third cousin who resides near Ipswich but is currently journeying to London in order to meet with Sir Alexander.


Baron Maximilian Johannes von Müller would like to announce his very recent marriage to Fanny Porter, now Baroness Fanny von Müller, after receiving a special license from a representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s office in Doctors' Commons in London. Both are regretful that they were not able to celebrate with their friends and acquaintances, but most quickly away to Vienna where Baron von Müller’s poor brother lies most gravely wounded from his efforts in the battle against the French. After visiting their families here and abroad, they are hopeful to return and celebrate properly.

They have also recently acquired permanent residence in the area, at 5 Apple Tree Circle, and will be happy to entertain once they have returned home.

Mr Earnest Elmsworth of Goodhill, County Durham, late of Tyrehampton, Derbyshire, son and heir of Mr Roland Elmsworth and the late Mrs Elmsworth, and Miss Grizella Campbell-Coffin, of Portledge, Devonshire, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Hugh Campbell-Coffin, also lately of Tyrehampton, Derbyshire, were united in Holy Matrimony on Wednesday, April twelfth at the Church of St Mary by the Reverend Graham. In attendance were Mr and Mrs Bloomwood, Mr and the Honourable Mrs Howarth, and other friends and neighbors of the Elmsworths at Goodhill. Mr Elmsworth was attended by his brother, Mr Roland Elmsworth, and the former Miss Campbell-Coffin was attended by Miss Eliza Elmsworth. Mr and Mrs Earnest Elmsworth will spend their Honeymonth in Bath.
Posted 8 months ago
TyrehamptonGazette ***LIFE AND LEISURE SECTION***

BLOOMS BY BICKHAM - An Advertisement.

Mr. Elijah Bickham is very very pleased and very very excited to offer his floral services and expertise for any very very exciting and lovely and nice event or individual you may find in need of a pretty flower. May it be a single bloom or two or three or a bouquet or a complete and lovely grand arrangement for an event or gathering, Mr. Elijah Bickham is available to create the perfect floral compliment per your requirements.
All inquiries please write to Mr. Elijah Bickham | 28 Low Street | Tyrehampton



Something about this quaint village is seemingly attracting members of the ton to Tyrehampton. It could be a speculated that Mrs. Hatch’s school brings these socialites here but one does wonder if there is something more about this village than meets the eye.

Recently one Miss Georgiana Beaumont of Kingsmountain plantation, Trelawney Parish, Jamaica has arrived in town. Miss Beaumont has taken up residence at 2 Parish Lane.

As well as Dame Moira Hunter of Boghmeall Castle, Lanarkshire, Scotland who is staying at Lord and Lady Fillintheblank’s Estate.


/Recently scene in a London paper is the below announcement./

The Earl of Winchester, Lord Thomas Wells, would like to proudly announce to all of Society the engagement of his eldest daughter, Bridget Wells, to the Baron Maximilian Johannes von Müller of Vienna, Austria. The Earl and his wife are overcome with joy and eagerly anticipate welcoming the von Müllers into their family. A ball will be held, in honor of Miss Bridget Wells, this Sunday at 9 o’clock in the evening at the Earl’s estate at no. 27a Wimpole Street in London.

Strangely that this would be published when Baron Maximilian Johannes has just recently, in this very paper, announced his marriage to Fanny Porter, now Baroness Fanny von Müller. Many questions arise from this unusual news. Did the Baron break a promise? Is the Earl of Winchester mad? How is his daughter, Miss Bridget Wells taking the new? Or in fact, is Miss Wells the reason the marriage never happened? Perhaps she was found to be unfit in some way? Miss Fanny Porter, now Baroness Fanny von Müller, did come from a lower station in society which could make a person wonder about the match.
Posted 8 months ago
TyrehamptonGazette ***ARTS SECTION***

Written by: Aaron Dodge

It has been many years since I returned to the ruins of Cliff Castle. Even now, looking at what is little more than a pile of crumbled stone—with ivy and weeds quickly overtaking even that—a shiver runs up my spine for what happened here, so many years ago.

I find that every stray gust of wind, every flutter of a leaf or a bird’s wing causes my heart to pound. Upon consideration—now that I am here—it will be best to relate my tale in the third person, as though it was some fantastical story and not a memory: all too real and terrible.

Accordingly, I will try to keep my judgements of character as objective as possible, though heaven alone knows if I shall succeed. At any rate, I do not anticipate it shall be of much consequence, for who else would wish to read such a sorry and fantastical tale, especially when the author is by no means accomplished? No, this project is for my personal satisfaction, to make sense of the senseless and to lay to rest old wrongs. Thus begins my tale, not at the castle itself, but at an estate a short distance away: Oakmoor Lodge.

Oakmoor was, at the time, still inhabited by its ancestral tenants, the Sharpe family. Mr. Sharpe was an older man, aged by anxiety and despondency. He was sickly and heavily in debt: a gambler, and a remarkably poor one at that, he had spent the money he should have used to maintain his home at the tables.

Arabella Sharpe, his daughter, was a different matter. She was intelligent and diligent, and it was thanks to her careful management that her family still resided at Oakmoor Lodge. She had studied with equal diligence as a girl—though without the benefit of the quality instruction her station ought to have provided her. As a consequence, she could play piano adequately, as well as sew and embroider, though more out of necessity than desire. Her true passion however was spending time outside the decrepit house and on the untamed grounds of Oakmoor.

Oakmoor was a large estate, well named for the oak woods and large fields. The gardens were neither extensive nor well-groomed and faded almost without boundary into the wilder expanse of the estate grounds.

The border of Oakmoor Lodge led directly and, once again, with little boundary into the property controlled by the sole tenant of Cliff Castle at that time, a Mr. Gerard Peregrine. Mr. Peregrine requires perhaps, more explanation than I can adequately give him, despite my being on friendly terms with him for some time.

I shall start with his appearance, his least enigmatic attribute. Mr. Peregrine was a handsome man. Tall and muscular without being hulking, with dark hair and piercing eyes. I cannot, at this moment remember their precise shade, but then that is hardly of much relevance to my story. His complexion was pale, but healthy. At the time of this tale, he was twenty-six years of age, in his prime, an excellent rider, knowledgeable about literature, and an adequate piano player.

At this time, also, there was a second resident of Cliff Castle, though a significantly less permanent one. Mr. Ellis was a school friend of Mr. Peregrine’s. He was the less desirable of the two: less handsome, less accomplished, and with an unfortunate propensity for over-spending at the tables, though it must be said he was significantly more talented than Mr. Sharpe. Indeed, it was his rather extraordinary talent that lead Mr. Ellis to make a rather unwise and overconfident wager which ended in his being rather short of funds, for which reason, at this time, he visited Mr. Peregrine to request a loan from his school-friend.

To Be Continued...
Posted 8 months ago
TyrehamptonGazette Editors Note:

To our loyal readers, we made a grievance mistake and an important announcement was left out of our recent addition. This announcement should have been listed under our society pages.

Our deepest apologies to the Sokolov family.


Announcing the upcoming 10th Annual Oakston Archery Tournament, to be held at the Sokolov manor in Oakston. It shall be held on ((Date to be Decided)) and all may attend to observe or compete. All proceeds shall be donated to the Society for Lost and Poor Orphans in London as well as all local Tyrehampton and Oakston charities.

There shall be a grand dinner to follow, hosted by Mr and Mrs Dmitry Sokolov, who shall be honoring as their guests, Alexander Stanton as a member of the grand Oakston Stantons and Tatiana Sokolov whom shall be competing in the tournament for the first time upon the eve of her seventeenth birthday.
Posted 8 months ago

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