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Letter received on May 1 at the offices of Banfield & Jarvis of Bath

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sideoffries 29 March 18xx

Greetings Mr. Banfield,

As you know, I am currently on a visit to the property I acquired on the island of Jamaica. The cost of preparing the land for crop is too great, so I have decided to sell the property. However, my copy of the title has been ruined during our journey across the sea due to the carelessness of your clerk whom you sent with me to assist with this process, and now the local authorities are demanding evidence of my ownership of the land in order to complete the transaction with the local buyer I have been able to find.

I have made inquiries locally, but no one *there is a scratched out word* here is able to provide any documentation of my ownership of this land. You have copies at your office, and I will need *the next word is underlined twice* you to bring one to me as I do not trust another of your clerks equal to the task. I will expect your immediate departure upon receipt of this letter and will look for your arrival by the last week of May. All your expenses will be covered, &c. but I need the documentation and your expertise in these matters here immediately.

I am staying at the Silver Rose Inn in Port Royal.

Sir Matthew Aldridge, Bt.

*Mr. Banfield reads the letter and his eyes widen at the demand that he travel to Jamaica personally. He hurries about the office gathering the papers he believes necessary as well as the copy of title requested. He consults with his partner to let him know what is going on and is gone from the office within an hour and from his house within another two hours after that. Sir Matthew was his most important client and the richest. He could not afford to lose him over something so trivial as a life threatening sea journey that will keep him away for the 2 months.*

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