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To Mr. and and Miss Callahan, From Dr. T. Farnsworth

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xMayberry To Hephaestus and Persephone Callahan,

My name is Dr. Thelonious Farnsworth, and it is my unfortunate duty today to report to you a serious accident that has left one Mrs. Artemis Murdoch in a critical state. The story, as I have heard it told, Mrs. Murdoch was out enjoying a ride on her horse Matilda, when a nearby gunshot sent the horse into a frenzy, and Mrs. Murdoch was thrown from it. As far as I can tell she has suffered injuries to her spine and as of my writing you, any feeling, sensation, or attempt to move anything from the waist down has failed her. Her motor function in her hands remains intact, but greatly impaired.

At the request of her in-laws Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Murdoch I am to deliver her to asylum where she would be expected to live out the remainder of her days. They insist that with taking on the burden of her son, young Master Collin Murdoch, that they would be unable to provide the necessary care for such injuries and asylum would be better suited for someone with her sorts of injuries.

I will tell you what I have told them repeatedly. Mrs. Artemis Murdoch has been delirious with pain for the last week and a half due to her injuries, but it is my professional opinion that her brain is in no way stunted from this accident, and removing her to an asylum would only service to shorten her life. I have referred to Mrs. Murdoch’s regular physician and he has been here to observe her. He is quite confident that when we managed her pain and she was still and awake, she was quite herself in every way. She responded to questions about herself, her family, where she was, and read acceptably from both scripture and requested her favorite book to be held for her to read to pass the time. Considering her situation her bouts of melancholy and upset are not surprising and even so she seems to have maintained a quick sense of humor.

What Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Murdoch failed to mention at all was that she had any living relatives nearby. Mrs. Atremis Murdoch begged me for days to write the two of you but understand that until proper tests were run I wanted to ensure I had a complete picture to give to you and her regular physician was delayed by poor weather returning from a nearby city for business. I wrote you as soon as I had answers to what would no doubt be your more pressing questions.

I am tending to her in her home for the time being but once she is stable and can be moved elsewhere, I cannot stay. I expect within the next two weeks I will need to take my leave of her and she would be left in the care of her regular physician, and the four servants that service the grounds of her late husband’s home, until the point in which her in-laws have her transported to asylum. This is, as I mentioned, not at all ideal. My hope is that you can arrive here and together we can all come up with a more agreeable solution to her situation.

Make Haste,
Dr. Thelonious Farnsworth
Posted 9 months ago

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