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Duel Letters: First Day in London To: Cadi O'Shea From: Hugh Washington

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Hugh Washington To My Greatest Love, Cadi O'Shea

I have arrived at the Bolton's in London after being well sustained on your basket of delights. I must say however, that the brick you included was in need of some salt.

I love you, Cadi. I am not at rest in my room before dinner at eight with the couple I wish to help, if they would bloody allow it. He seems determined to his course, which I can sympathize. I would not at all understand her position were her reasons against the occasion not the same as your reasons against my coming here. They however, are far more immature in their handling of their emotions and have managed to alienate one another in a time when they need to depend upon on another the most. I fear it is a common occurance them them.

Then again, I can only image the high amount of stress both have been under. My dearest, I need your advice and hopes it reaches me soon so that I might reach them. I am to speak with the offending gentlemen's second tomorrow to see if something honorable can be done to ensure that wrongs are righted and never trespassed upon again. I could use your wise voice in my mouth and your wise whisper in my ear as I beseech an outcome favorable to the couple I am here to help, pleasing to honor, and safe for all involved.

What and how might I speak to the lady to soften her scorn. I think perhaps her voice, where given in a tone that did not sound like a teacher's nails upon the chalkboard, maybe the fastest way to sway the gentleman into an alternate course of action.

Do pray for me, has I no doubt you are doing now. I miss you terribly. Please, do not mention this letter to Mum. I am exhausted and will send her one tomorrow. I shall write you again tomorrow evening as well.

All My Love,
Hugh Washington
Posted 10 months ago

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