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To Miss Katerina Halliwell (Bolton Residence) | From Lady Anastasia Halliwell

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Katerina Katerina,

My daughter, I am appalled to what I have just heard from my lady's maid, my LADY'S MAID, rather than from your own lips. Have you indeed run away to seek residence with the Boltons? How foolish you are my daughter, what were you thinking? Have you so much disrespect for your family and what time and money Sir Ian has spent for your education that you would throw away your future on such a ridiculous pursuit to marry below your station? You are worth more than that common fool. Sir Ian and I shall not stand by and allow you to throw away all the time that has been spent for you, for us, to grow further in society. Your father shall be speaking with his lawyers to have you returned to us. You have not gotten away with this idiocy, Katerina. Return before your reputation is further ruined, I have already heard musing from my acquaintances about seeing you entering Mr. Bolton's residence, wearing his overcoat no less. After your behavior and our discussion after the ball I thought you had learned sense. And I am furious to find I am wrong.

Do not send Mischa to collect any more of your belongings, they shall be here for your once you return and not before. I expect a reply form your promptly stating your actions and begging for Sir Ian and my apology. Or at least I expect a reply stating the timing for your return.

Your mother,

Lady Anastasia Halliwell | London, Mayfair
Posted 10 months ago

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