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To Fanny Porter from Johannes Müller

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MyLadyTeri3 My dearest Violet,

Ich vermisse dich von ganzem Herzen! This is meaning I am missing you with all my heart. I am just returning to my room after meeting with the Earl and his daughter. They are being very stubborn people, I am thinking. Or maybe the Earl is just not wishing to admit being wrong in this matter. I am telling to him with much certainty that I am asking someone else to be my wife and that she is saying yes. I make this very clear to him. But if he is not listening, then I am not knowing what else I may be doing. I am wishing you were here with me. I would be giving much to be making this happen, maybe even be putting lemons into my tea.

I will be leaving London soon, I am not seeing much reason to stay away from you. But I am not to be staying long in Tyrehampton, as I am very much wishing to be seeing my brother. I would like for you to come with me. Please be thinking on this, Fanny. The thought of being apart from you for even little bit longer fills me with much sadness.

Ich liebe dich. This is meaning I love you.
Posted 10 months ago

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